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Signature Blend - Souffle' Exfoliant

Signature Blend - Souffle' Exfoliant

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SIGNATURE BLEND - Contains our secret blend of Amino Acids and vitamin C that helps fade pigmentation problems, helps generate elastin and collagen for skin, causing smooth, hydrated, and polished skin.




Egg protein -Tightens firms and creates smooth soft supple skin.


Soy Protein -  Creates ageless pore less, smooth textured skin by nourishing and reducing wrinkles, age spots, and discolorations.  The rich benefits of amino and peptides is that they diminish crow’s feet around eyes, burrows on the forehead, lines on the cheek/neck and wrinkles on the hands.


Organ Honey - As the strongest antioxidant in our product, it treats minor acne, regenerates new skin growth, and restores damaged skin to a soft healthy skin to help it retain moisture and prevent the skin from drying.  The result is young looking radiant smooth skin. 


Coconut Oil - Kills bacteria such as yeast in the skin, heals wounds on the skin and supports the skin in fighting wrinkles.  Protects against free radicals that damage the skin.


Omega 3 - Creates skin that is noticeable hydrated and resulting in cells that look energized and radiant.


Linoleic Acid - Gets rid of dry skin providing a strong barrier to retaining moisture creating healthy younger looking skin.  Most customers who have experienced eczema psoriasis, itching and redness are hooked on this ingredient.


Caffeine - Polyphenols help reduce puffiness and redness.  The antioxidants ECGGS will reduce cellulite and wake up the firmness of your skin by creating flow of the blood to the treated area.


Exfoliant - Made of sea salt and Molly’s Trademark Secret Blend.  You will experience brighter healthier, glowing, smooth, supple, and nourished skin.


    Helps generate elastin and collagen for skin, causing smooth, hydrated, and polished skin.

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